Brandtix Chairman Reggie Bradford featured in Forbes & Sports Pro Live

Reggie Bradford Forbes article : Digital Transformation in Sport

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Brandtix grabs headlines on feature

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Why the final score is not the only metric of success for Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern and Juventus in the Champions League

Click to see the City AM Brandtix story When the elite of Europe face off in the Champions League this week, fans and pundits are likely to judge a team's success purely in terms of the score and other common [...]

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The Exponential Growth of Data and Insights in Sport

Over $1 billion were invested in sports tech during 2015. Why? According to one speaker at a conference I attended in Boston last weekend, the sports industry had been so backward for so long that new and emerging technologies had [...]

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Leicester City: Statistical Outlier or Potential Super Club?

Since the advent of the Barclays Premier League 23 years ago, only five clubs have claimed its crown. Four of those – Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City – are today considered elite clubs. The odd one out is [...]

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