Our brand development and marketing services are specifically designed to help our clients build a unique brand strategy within the sports domain and develop it through extraordinary, market-driven content that captures the hearts and minds of mobile-first consumers. Our content delivery approach is developed around the smart sports data that is collected and delivered via our proprietary platform.

Key Areas

Digital Services

Brandtix provides a range of services that enable our clients to build a comprehensive digital strategy and exploit the full potential of the modern digital environment for commercialising sport.

  • Digital strategy & Activation: Audience behaviour, digital media planning and social storytelling.
  • Creativity & Development: Promotional videos, high-performing social campaigns and massively shared real-time content.
  • Content distribution & Management: Brand voice, community management, event amplification and more.

Branding & Promotion

Brandtix offers a comprehensive suite of branding, design and promotion solutions and digital that enhance sports events and activities, ensuring the delivery of the right messages to fans and consumers.

Sponsorship & Commercialisation

Brandtix works closely with various stakeholders to create truly attractive and global sports-related activities and platforms that provide diverse benefits for our clients and partner.