We enable our clients — sports events organisers, federations, clubs, brands and others — to monetise their events and content as well as to capitalise on the power of sports attractions to develop their overall turnover. Brandtix’s conversational and transactional tools allow our clients to create large opt-in databases and maintain the link with the fans before, during and after events. Across leading social platforms and messaging apps, Brandtix powers effective content experiences that build audience engagement and revenue for stakeholders in the sports industry.

Key Areas

Conversational & Transactional

Personalised conversational experiences between users, from getting regular updates to buying tickets for the next match, in multiple messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat and WhatsApp. Recurring requests from fans (i.e. requesting merchandise, buying tickets or joining a contest) can be answered automatically. Our clients can offer valuable advertising space to their sponsors in these direct, one-on-one dialogues, with minimal costs.

Smart Sports Licence

Brandtix offers a smart licence that combines a set of useful and relevant services, including digital sports licences, online academies, eWallets, microinsurance, loyalty cards for fans and more.


A fast and secure way for fans to pay for tickets, licences, merchandise and more, right from their mobile phones.

Gambling Tax Monitoring Platform

Brandtix provides gamblers, gambling companies and government regulators with an easy, safe and efficient solution for government-controlled gambling. Gamblers benefit from a regulated, protected and digital gaming payment process; gambling companies enjoy full control over accounts and efficient methods for tax payment; while regulators are provided with full transparency into revenue and a streamlined tax process.

Key Benefits

  • Personal experience and meaningful engagement
  • Encouraging user-generated content
  • Advanced assistance and customer support
  • Leveraging fan data to expanding databases, speed up audience growth and drive community building
  • Live updates and rich content — to engage with fans via powerful conversational surveys, polls and forms
  • Variety of 3rd party integrations
  • Actionable content — to drive user engagement and make specific contents cut through the noise
  • Real-time analytics — to measure performance across platforms and make data-driven decisions