To amplify the effect of communication and ensure consolidated audiences, Brandtix enables broadcasting on cutting-edge digital media that complements traditional media channels such as TV, radio and commercial displays. We can tailor every broadcasting and streaming to client preferences and audience needs.

Key Areas

Content Valuation

Brandtix transforms sports events into an appealing media product that is ready to be broadcasted across major media channels, with its full streaming capabilities.

Easy-to-Access Content

Brandtix’s global video content delivery platform for enterprises and brands leverages the latest cutting-edge technology, particularly in the field of manipulable 360° live streaming, video on demand (VoD) and virtual reality (VR). We provide viewers with the freedom and flexibility to choose what and how they want to watch.

Digital Support

Omnichannel broadcasting via community platforms, mobile, social media, augmented reality devices, etc.

Media Planning

Relevant media planning for the distribution of omnichannel digital content according to a target audience, its profile and location.

Archive Management

Brandtix offers a versatile service for broadcasters who are keen to exploit video archive material. As a comprehensive one-stop shop, we enable the building, indexing and management of sports video libraries at any scale.

360° & VR

The following services are available both live, as video on demand and as 4k streaming on the desktop, mobile, tablets and VR headsets:

  • Live zoomable and revolvable live streaming in various formats
  • AR and VR capabilities, even for live streaming
  • 360° advertising experience, both outdoor and online, with a product description at a click
  • Highly-optimized multilingual live streaming for conferences and meetings
  • Omnichannel viewing from a single landing page (for the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, etc)
  • Live lecture streaming with fully integrated real-time presentation

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and highly scalable cloud and hybrid-cloud capabilities
  • Multiple monetisation options such as subscription, pay-per-view, etc.
  • Simple, automated payment methods, including cryptocurrency option
  • 24/7 client support
  • Advanced branding and white labelling
  • Analytics