The main pillar of the global sports industry is data: the Brandtix Smart Sports Data platform detects key insights using bespoke data mining techniques and delivers actionable market intelligence to our clients. Leveraging many years of research and development, the platform offers a unique system for monitoring, tracking and analysing an athlete’s performance, both on and off pitch. To measure the brand value of an athlete, we use advanced statistical methods and big data analytics.

Through the Brandtix Smart Sports Data platform, we enable our clients to adapt to a modern, data-driven ecosystem where decisions are based on tangible indicators. All data is processed in real-time by deep analytics models in order to drive significant added value to our client’s business.

Key Areas

Sports Analytics

Actionable market intelligence for an unparalleled level of analytics, including the brand value of thousands of teams and athletes as well as deep understanding of leagues, associations and brands involved in the sports industry.

Fan/Social Analytics

  • Deep understanding of most engaging discussions and topics generated by fans, athletes, sports brand ambassadors and opinion leaders across social media.
  • Sentiment analysis based on positive and negative fan reactions on social media.
  • Geo-based intelligence on discussions and fans in a country/city network in order to better understand where and in what context fans are to be found and discussions are taking place.


Dashboard for decision makers of the sports industry to understand brands, fans, consumers, assets and interests and to make data-driven decisions in marketing, brand valuations, contract negotiations and other commercial-oriented decision.

Key benefits

  • Fan acquisition across all social channels
  • Engagement traffic — to detect the most engaging fan discussions and topics across major social media
  • Sentiment Analysis based upon positive and negative fan reactions on social media
  • Brand and sponsor association and data-driven semantic matching between brands and related fan segments
  • Topical discussions about athletes, stars and fans
  • Geo-based marketing insights — to build campaigns around them, to push messages through multiple media channels and to measure the success based upon tangible results

Data Sources

Ministries of sports, sports federations, teams and leagues.

Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Partners and sponsors such as banks, insurance companies, telecoms, etc.