Comprehensive management capabilities for athletes to help increase their commercial value and optimise their revenues through powerful and innovative media platforms. Brandtix offers a full spectrum of exceptional systems and services, which enable athletes to better communicate with their fans through unique content, conversational UI and targeted strategy recommendations as well as to understand the power of their social brand and negotiate with their sponsors.


Smart Sports Data
  • Asset tracking & recommendations
  • Competitor analysis & insights
  • Social intelligence (opportunities and crisis mitigation)
  • Contract negotiations & benchmarking
  • Global fan locator
Smart Sports Data
  • Fan engagement
  • Promotion of sports academies (online and offline)
  • Promotions (merchandise, kits, special events, etc.)
Media & Streaming
  • Content distribution
  • Premium offering management
Media & Streaming
Brand Development
& Marketing
  • Data mining
  • Marketing insight
  • Personal branding
  • Content strategy
  • Content creation
  • Content management
  • Media planning
  • Growth hacking
  • Community building
  • UGC