The Brandtix Sports Index has partnered with Lexalytics text analytics to analyze the Live Athlete Brand Statistics for European football clubs. Brandtix chose because of its unique combination of advanced machine learning techniques and natural language processing, allowing for contextual processing to accurately determine sports-specific sentiment analysis, including named entity recognition.


Social media in football gains more and more traction with every season, championship and tournament. And, with the European Championship just days away, the need has arisen to better understand the data generated. The brands associated with key players like Cristiano Ronaldo will be the beneficiaries of this accurate sentiment analysis. However, the challenges of interpreting hundreds of colloquialisms across dozens of languages have not gone unnoticed, as Lexalytics CEO Jeff Catlin puts it:

“What’s exciting and unique about this partnership is that the feelings of sports fans – especially football ones – are rife with colloquialisms and therefore a challenge for most text analytics platforms. Our algorithms detect fan vernacular and accurately translate it as positive or negative. Jesse Lingard’s winning strike in the FA Cup final generated a groundswell of social posts describing it by the slang term ‘sick’. We immediately decoded this as a positive connotation of the word. With a highly engaged social fan base of 87.6M, the sentiment intelligence engine was put to the test!”

With Euro 2016 set to eclipse the digital traction of the World Cup 2014, the need has arisen to better understand the data generated. Marketers looking to gain insights around players, teams, products and brands may have a wealth of information but real time value and sentiment is something that has, until now, been missing. Brandtix, with Lexalytics’ help, has changed that.


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