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This weekend’s final F1 race of the season is likely to be epic. The ice-cool German against the ruthless Brit, both desperate to be made 2016 Champion.

With all that said, Lewis Hamilton’s social following is so far ahead of the competition he is practically lapping the rest of the drivers by Lap 1! Hamilton, over the years has carved out an off-track following that embraces all things fast cars, music, fashion and beautiful women – the ideal ingredients for most young male fans to want to engage with.

With 7.5M followers across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram he is a perfect brand ambassador for his employers Mercedes. That 7.5M is so far ahead of the pack that if you include the total fan base of Bottas, Hulkenberg, Grosjean, Verstappen, Ricciardo and Perez – it still doesn’t reach Lewis’ fan count.

During the rain soaked Brazilian GP two weekends ago, Hamilton commanded total market share of fan engagement. F1 remains a top global sport, and with the Liberty Media deal now in play, it has the potential to modernise itself towards a millennial audience.

However, while these incredible drivers might be entertaining its fanbase for a few hours every Sunday, there’s a huge amount they should be doing off-track to increase their audience count and engagement, while creating signifanct brand value.

Hamilton’s total dominance across social is both a challenge for F1, but also an opportunity for new young stars such as Verstappen and Williams’ Lance Stroll to make a statement as global brands in their own right.

Brandtix has added F1 to it’s Football portfolio, and I look forward to sharing more insights as the season resumes in 2017.